Charlie’s Blanket


Play mat / Blankey

Now both of my children have mummy made quilted blankets. I made one for Lexie couple years ago, and I love its legacy and practicality. We used it as a play mat, decorative cover and now a blanket. Charlie had to have one too, and when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it.

play mat, quilt, blanket, baby boy

It was one of those crafts, when things are coming together in almost a miraculous way. I read the tutorial, and as I am reading it, I am realising that I posses all the necessary know-how, the required equipment, the right fabric and even ink in my printer to print the pattern!

You will find the tutorial and pattern following this link:

I wanted to use fabrics that were suitable for a boy, but were not too common. I had some IKEA material with origami pattern on it, some grey and blue stripped fabric, white and red. All in all, I think it went together very well, and quite suitable for a little dude.


My gorgeous baby boy


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