DIY – Doll House Sofa and Loveseat

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This is probably where it all began.  Just over a year, when my daughter was slightly less than two and was starting to play with dolls, the idea for a doll house was born. There is always a “it all began with…” story. This one is mine.

I made these super cute sofas while our doll house was still being made. There is an excellent step-by-step tutorial that takes you step-by-step through the process of making your own sofa. Again, this is one of those crafts where stars align perfectly and all you have to do is just enter the parallel DIY universe (anyone who is into DIY will know what I am talking about).  My husband took my daughter away for the day; I had perfect fabric for these sofas, as well as poly-fill, cardboard, glue and all the other necessary equipment (I love improvising, but when you do have all the ingredients, I am more than happy to leave it for another day!) It only took one day, and, ~ JOY! ~ how happy was my little girl coming home to find a bookshelf cleared and little Lallaloopsies move in with such Glamour style!


Once the actual Doll House was completed, the sofas fit in perfectly.

Do check out this tutorial, and get yourself started on this super-cute sofa project! Make it and love it!

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