3D Letter Tutorial

Here is a detailed tutorial, with hints, tips, template and some new ideas on how to make 3D cardboard letters.

Below are decorative letters we bought while in Sweden couple years ago. These are wooden letters, about 10cm high, spelling our KARLEK, meaning LOVE. Since it is quite difficult to go to Sweden just to get some letters (they don’t sell them in Cyprus), I decided to make my own version.

Step 1. Print and cut out this template . You could make your own template, but the font I used (Helvetica Neue Condensed Black) is effective and simple to work with. If you decide to make your own template, try to avoid fonts with serifs.



Step 2: Trace the template onto cardboard. You will need two cutouts for each letter, for the front and the back. You will also need strips of cardboard of varying lengths. A good width for the letters is 2.5 cm.


Step 3: Using sellotape, stick the side strips to the front cut-out. As I wasn’t planning on painting my letters, I used sellotape, but if you plan to paint or paper mache your letters, I would suggest you use masking tape.


Hint: Here is a little demonstration how to make a lot of sellotape available quickly from a sellotape roll. Unroll about 30 cm of tape, stick it to the table, make incisions using scissors and peel away!


Step 4: Sellotape the back part of the letter to the sides and front.


Step 5: Using a knife, cover the letters with polyfiller. You may have to do it in several stages, allowing sides to dry before applying another layer.




Step 7: Step back and enJOY your creation.


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