DIY Updating an old mirror


Among many other projects fighting for my attention, this one took precedence as I am working on projects for my bedroom this month.

I already have a mirror in the bedroom, but its one of those boring mirror tiles purchased from IKEA. Really no joy looking at. I knew I had to get something, but that something had to satisfy my two conditions – it had to be free/affordable and tinkering potential.

I saw this little number for sale on the “BFC Buy, Sell, Swap” Facebook page going for 10 euro. When I inquired about the mirror, I was assured it was solid wood, however when I came to pick it up, it was laminate… As I sold this same guy a bed just a week prior, I didn’t feel right to point out the deception, and bought the mirror anyway. I don’t mind challenges anyway.


I gave it a try, sanded it down a little and gave it two coats of white paint.


Two things I’ve learned from this process. First of all, adding the recommended amount of water (10%) to the paint will make it look much better,  although it will require two coats. Previously, I used undiluted paint, and it does not give a coat as smooth. Oh well, I am privileged to learn! Second thing I’ve learned is to use drawer liners to protect the mirror from paint. There was a time in the past when I used paper (wallpaper) layered between the frame and the mirror and that proved to be a messy disaster. The paper was glued to the frame, it didn’t separate well at all and pieces were left jammed between the glass and mirror. The drawer liners were a great idea! Again, I am privileged to learn!


Without any particular pattern, I drew some 45 degree, some 60 degree lines. The geometrical shapes that this produced were painted in with white paint, very light yellow, bright yellow and grey.


I remembered a dress my mum used to have with similar pattern years ago back in Belarus, must have been end of 1980s… Made me that bit more excited about the colours I chose.


All it took was a spare day, 10 euro, some leftover paint and family’s patience.


I love the end result. Just what my bedroom needed – that pop of colour.


Looking in a mirror is a JOY now!


By the way, if you like the JOY letters, you can find a detailed tutorial on my blog here.


Bedroom mirror – the AFTER


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