DIY – IKEA kids’ table hack


My first IKEA hack!

One of the easiest Ikea hacks is probably the kid’s table make-over. I have seen a 101 ways to remodel it, and I have one more – my take on it.ikea-table-kids-chairs

I didn’t plan to remodel this piece of furniture, however with my wee baby girl loving arts & crafts time so much, it got covered in artistic media pretty quickly. To add to that, and  as a warning to other parents – adults are not meant to sit on the little chairs!  “Goldilocks and the three bears – 2”, where Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear break the Baby Bears chairs…

IKEA hack

It is definitely one of the easiest projects, no sanding, no priming, the table and chairs are not treated in any way to begin with. It is a white canvas! Create away!

All I did was smother it with purple paint and glue some drawer liners! Too easy!


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