Shelves in a small baby room

This is  Charlie’s room.


Shelves under the window

This is Charlie’s tiny room. Before Charlie moved in, it was used as my husband’s wardrobe. This 3m by 3m room has a very inconvenient layout. One wall is a wall of  built-in closets, one wall has a window and another has a door.  When we used it as a guest room, we could barely fit in a bed (without blocking the wardrobe doors).  SAM_2423

When converting this room into a baby room, I wanted to use every inch of the oh-so-scarce space.  A baby room for me is not just a place where a baby sleeps and midnight feeds take place. From experience with Lexie’s room, I like baby room to grow with the child, i.e. change it up every 6 months or so, to accommodate new toys, new furniture, etc.  The nursing chair needs to be in the room for the first 6 months, but not when the baby is cruising or toddling.  Likewise, in about a year, baby cot will have to be replaced by a bed that can fit into its space.  When planning Charlie’s room, I wanted a nursing chair/reading nook, where I could enjoy many midnight hours, reading my favourite baby books.  Eventually, “mummy’s reading nook” was modified, but only slightly.  The shelves don’t hold mummy’s books any more but are hosting lots of baby’s books and toys.  The baskets are now filled with plush toys and not muslin cloths and blankets. Eventually, the nursing chair itself will be replaced, too.  Any suggestions?


All in all, I like these shelves, they have served their purpose, and hopefully will continue to do so over the next few years.

Note: If you don’t have children,  you are probably thinking that only an insane person would think so much about shelves in baby room.  You are right.


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