DIY Origami Wedding Invitations


Weddings, Christmas and Birthdays – are much anticipated events in the life of Souslova girls. As much as the actual reason for the event, we are always super excited about any hand-crafted contribution.  Hand-made Christmas presents, Birthday cards drawn by children, knitted baby presents – any excuse for a creative outlet.


My clever sister has made beautiful origami wedding invitations!

What a clever and original way to invite guests!


And on top of it all, it does not cost you a fortune!  All you need is white paper, some ribbon and lots of mates willing to help.



Happens… A lot…


Personal mass-produced hand-made invites


To view the full tutorial, visit my post “DIY Origami Jewellery Tutorial”.

Blog thumbnail - Origami Jewellery


3 thoughts on “DIY Origami Wedding Invitations

  1. Hey, what sizes were the paper you used to make these? I like this idea and would like to do it too possibly… How did you mail them out as well?

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