DIY – Super Awesome Budget Bedside Table


Budget Bedside Table

There are some projects that simply come together, and you genuinely wonder why you haven’t thought of this earlier.  I am going to share one such project with you to save you the trouble of wondering the same.

Lying around my house (tucked away behind doors and inside cupboards) I had an Ikea black stool and a black clip folding lamp. Both items just could not find a home.  The step stool was too big for our bathroom, and the light needed to be attached to some furniture, none of which I wanted to alter with holes for the clip.  Then, lightbulb moment, why not put these two together!


Apart from looking super great, and eclectic  – right up my street – it is way more affordable than any bedside table!  The cost? Ikea stool – 15 euro, Lamp – 15 euro! Total cost – 30 euro!!!

And I didn’t even need power tools!


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