DIY -Tutu tutorial


One thing you don’t have to ask me twice is to make a tutu! A friend asked me for one and I was more than happy to oblige. My camera is now my constant companion whenever I am working on a project, so when its done, I can always write a post about it!  Poor you!

Let’s begin!

First, get some essentials (who doesn’t have these lying around their house?):


  • 4 metres of tulle
  • Approx 50cm of elastic band
  • Lining
  • Circular cutter (optional, scissors will do)


Step 1: Fold tulle long-wise, first in half, then in quarter. Its easier to cut this way.

Step 2: Cut strips 5cm wide.


Step 3: Cut enough elastic band to go around your waist, tightly, but comfortably. Leave 2cm extra for overlap.  Sew the elastic band.


Step 4: Take the strips of tulle, bend in half, and loop around the elastic band. See below:


Step 5: At this, the tutu could be finished. However, as my friend wanted one with an underskirt, follow the rest of the steps if you want to make a tutu with an underskirt.


Step 6: Cut the lining about 12 cm wider than the desired height and about 10 cm wider than the desired  width. Sew the side seam.  Fold the top allowance inwards (about 6 cm).  Align the lining inside the tulle skirt.  Fold the top edge over the elastic band. Stitch it on and sew it.


This tutu is knee length – very Audrey Hepburn!


Step 8: Embelish it to your heart’s content!


Here is a quick picture tutorial:



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