DIY – Sewing machine letter embroidery Tutorial

More than hand-made gifts, I love personalized gifts! Who doesn’t?! Even if you already have a similar item, anything with your name on it instantly becomes your favourite keep-sake. Do that for someone else with this very easy sewing machine letter embroidery tutorial.

You will need:

  • Two pieces of fabric. One you are embroidering onto, e.g. a quilt, pillow case, etc, and one for the actual letters.
  • Printer and paper
  • Sewing machine

Step 1: Print the word outline, cut it out and pin it in place.


 Step 2: Sew around the outline on top of the paper.



Step 3: Tear the paper off very carefully.



Step 4: Carefully cut around the sewn letters. 


Step 5:  Change the sewing machine settings to Zig-zag, 4.5 stitch width and 0.3 length .


Step 6: Now that the letters are sewn on, it will be easy to zig-zag stitch around them.


Step 7: Step back and enjoy your creation!



I made a Chevron quilt below for a friend. Stand by for a full tutorial soon!


 Here are a few more ideas how to use your newly acquired skill!


And if you like quick-view picture tutorials this one is for you!

letters quilt



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