DIY Doll House Curtains

One of the great things about having a Dolls House is that you can change it up every now and then to satisfy your need for Interior Design at practically no cost.

With this post, you will be able to take a closer peak at the curtains (and blinds) that I’ve made for Lexie’s Dolls house. Hope some of my ideas will be helpful to you!


These curtains hang in the kids’ room. I used some leftover Ikea curtain material, a barbecue stick for the railingΒ  and two large wooden beads to hide the ends of the stick. Curtains are tied up with some artificial flowers.


Not really curtains, but this double sided piece of material, with some decorative stitching on the sides looks like very sophisticated shades. It looks great in the living room.


These roman blinds (although not functional, but I am sure dolls are not too bothered by that) decorate our pink bathroom. I made all the curtains and blinds in the doll house double-sided so that they look well from the outside, too.


These kitchen curtains took me a little longer to make, but I like how they turned out. Again, just some left over material, some ribbon, and a pinch of imagination.

Hope this helped you with some inspiration!


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