Keepsake Shelves

 There are times when I really want to do something, but I haven’t got sufficient time to plan and execute a new craft project.  That’s when giving some old object a fresh coat of paint is ideal. It is not a 5 minute project, its a 5 min … +5 min… +5 min project, which is perfect because you still have the whole day to do other things (chores usually) while the paint dries.


This time it was a little keepsake house shelf that I bought at a closing down sale for some 3-4 euro or so.   Even original price of this keepsake shelf could not have been that great as it is some sort of cheap laminate with a plastic clock painted silver. All too tacky… Anything tacky needs a touch of tinkering….


As it was laminate, I decided to give it a wood primer undercoat to make sure paint sticks.


Then I painted it with Black Chalkboard paint inside and another two coats of Wood Primer on the outside.

A lot less tacky now and perfect for my little knickknacks!



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