Dolls’ Corner couch

SAM_3072Hooray! Some weekend craft!

My daughter’s Doll House is a gift that just keeps on giving! If I can’t do DIY or home remodeling for our home, next best thing is to create something doll size.

Here is a corner sofa that I would buy for my own house. So simple to make, too. I love this as a replacement for the dull grey one we had before. What was I thinking?


The couch was made to fit this particular corner, which is another reason why handmade is better than mass produced.

I think I agree with my husband when he tells me that my style reminds him of a Russian Dacha (summer house).

Corner couch3 If you like what you see and would like to make something like this yourself, see my step-by-step photo instructions.

Step 1. Preparation. You will need a quick (or a thorough) sketch of what you would like to make. Get required material, which in my case was some cardboard, fabric, cutter and foam lining.Corner couch2

Step 2.  For the backs of the two parts of the couch, I simply wrapped two pieces of cardboard (for sturdiness) with foam lining and then material. Wrap the edges as you would a present and glue gun everything in place.Corner couch1

Step 3. Onto a piece of fabric, measuring a little larger than the seat, layer two pieces of foam lining and then the cardboard piece. Using glue gun, glue each side, creating a little tension so the seats look more rounded than square.Corner couch

That’s all!

Make it and love it!

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19 thoughts on “Dolls’ Corner couch

  1. Hi! I love this couch! I am wondering how you made the base? I see instructions for the top and bottom cushions but am not sure how to make the base. Thanks so much!!!

    • Hi there! I am glad you like this. 🙂 For the base, I took two rectangular pieces of cardboard and sandwiched three layers of foam (same dimensions) in between. Then wrapped around with fabric, and glue-gunned it. Hope that helps! Thanks for visiting!!

  2. Very Creative – would love to make some for gifts …do you have the measurements you used? I am not good at that…Thanks for sharing..

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  4. I am wanting to incorproate my family photos into my doll house. Any ideas as to how to do so? I have seen the tutorials on how to do landscape photos in mini but not family photos.

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  10. Hi Olga ..
    I love the light up stars that you used in the dollhouse living room. I’d like to try and find something like these; by any chance did you find them online ? Or / if you remember what store they came from ..? I’d like to try and order if they are still available. Thank you .. for sharing the sweet dollhouse photos + D.I.Y’s. 🙂

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  12. Wow! I was browsing doll houses and miniature stuff in Pinterest and found my way here in your lovely blog. Nice projects and you’re very crafty too. Nice work!

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