Doll House Animal Rug

I had very little time this morning before church, so today’s craft had to be a quick one.

There is that beige couch that was made redundant from the living room yesterday because a new corner couch came in. I couldn’t just throw it away, so it migrated downstairs into the kitchen area. There it became the founding piece for the “Man cave”. Lots more needed to make it masculine enough, but an animal floor rug was a good beginning. I think I will need to re-wallpaper it though…Animal rug Here are step-by-step photo instructions:

Animal rug1

  Step 1: Draw animal rug outline. Mine looked like this.

Step 2: Trace it onto a piece of faux fur.

Step 3: Careful where you trace it; my fur had a darker shade going through the middle.

Step 4:  Know your fur! You’ve got to make the pattern work for you!

Step 5: Here is the cut out animal. Looks a bit like a chipmunk, but I take comfort in the fact that it actually is not.

Step 6: I used my husbands electric razor to shave the edges a bit.

Step 7: Put it on the floor in the “man cave”.

I am thinking it might be looking a little too real. If people start asking, I will have to get rid of it.























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