Designing a Wedding Dress


For any crafter, the feeling of completion is probably one of the most craved for, yet most illusive feelings. “It is finished!”  In close second, it’s the “I-could-totally-do-that” feeling (you know, when we browse Pinterest for hours for DIY projects…) but that’s for another post.

Here is a brag post of my wedding dress. This is one of those finished projects that even I didn’t think I could pull off when I started dreaming of it (if you are a crafter, you know I am talking about literal dreams).  Yet it is finished, looking beautiful in my wedding photos!

Wedding planning glee quickly turned to gloom when I was faced with the harsh reality of the wedding cost and I was beginning to seriously consider the Little White Chapel. In Cyprus, to buy a dress, you would have to say good-bye to 2 to 3 thousand euro out of your precious wedding budget to purchase a dress, while to rent one for a week, you would have to pay some 800 euros for the simplest dress already worn by somebody else. Either was a “Noh-Noh”!  Luckily, for a DIY-er, when we can’t buy, we DIY!

Having done some dress shopping in Cyprus, I knew what I did NOT want, and having done loads of bridal magazine browsing, I knew what I wanted.  As this was before I learned how to sew, I needed someone to help me.  And it just so happened that I knew a wonderfully talented tailor-ess, who would sew the dress for 300 euro, including purchasing fabric.


Motive, means and opportunity!

A little sketch and I could see my vision. Lots of explanations and negotiations later, and my tailor could see my vision, too.

I wanted a deep V-neck, yet cover it up a little with chiffon, and almost the same pattern at the back. A wide satin sash, a long flowing skirt and a train. Perfect for an outside wedding!


Just in time for the wedding, the dress was done!

DSC_0078 (cut, paste & blur)

And even though I didn’t actually sew the dress myself, I take full credit for not settling for off-the-shelf generic dress, but pursuing my vision and taking necessary steps to achieving it.

Hopefully, I will be able to blog about my sister’s wedding dress next. She got my mum to sew it! Oh, and I am hoping to write  few words about my head piece, which I did make myself.


3 thoughts on “Designing a Wedding Dress

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  2. Happy memories! Beautiful dress! I’m sure there are more photos of the stages of the dress..I’ve got the whole folder of your pre-wedding preparations. You should write several blog posts about all the things you DIY’d for it!

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