Utility Room TLC

Below you will see an image that warms my heart – the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of our utility room.


This is a project that has been a life long dream. Since we’ve moved into our current rented accommodation three years ago, every room has been tackled in one way or another. New curtains, shelves, pictures on the walls. Unfortunately for the utility room, it only ever received left overs and odd bits and bobs. If it didn’t go in the other rooms, it ended up in the utility room. Plus the usual suspects: tools, gift bags, paint pots, ironing, laundry, etc.

I am not particularly proud of the images below. Somewhere under the piles of paint, wall paper, beach accessories, etc., you can see a washing machine.

Laundry room and lexies shelves2

The next step was emptying the room to understand how much space we were dealing with. Really the room is more or a corridor, starting with a door and ending with a door. On the right you can see a little toilet window, and a shelf.

Laundry room and lexies shelves3The utility room had a lot of roles to play: laundry room, craft room, storage room, mud room, and many more. As with any completed project, I was very happy with the result.  We (my husband helped with the design and my father-in-law helped with the practical side of things) managed to find a place for every single item! Even some items previously stored elsewhere could migrate into the new all-welcoming Utility Room.

SAM_3449 I also now have a recycling bin! That’s where empty cartons, cans, rolls or wrappers find a second life in the hands of my two year old. Laundry room and lexies shelves5

Another bit that I was very happy to learn about from Pinterest and incorporate was a pegboard! I quite like the flexibility it provides, and the fact that it uses an other wise not used vertical space.

Laundry room and lexies shelves6

There is even some room left for work-in-progress next to the ironing board. Some chalkboard painted  labels on IKEA storage bins were a cheaper alternative to wicker baskets. Below in the centre photograph you can spot Reader’s Digest Complete Do-it-yourself Manual – oh yeah!

And probably most importantly, all my screws, bolts and nails are neatly organised and stored away exactly where I can find them!

Laundry room and lexies shelves4

Completing this project was like growing wings! I now will flutter onto my next project, and will totally know where to find my hammer!


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