Watercolour experimenting

Wonderfully (as in miraculously), I had a quiet afternoon. Rare, but happens. My husband and kids took a day out to let mummy have a quiet day. After a lot of cleaning, washing, hanging, ironing, piling, the list goes on, I still had time for some painting. I am not an artist, but something inside me felt like it wanted to get out, and the medium for it was a fine brush and some honey-based watercolours.
SAM_3507The deer silhouette was inspired by a colouring page of Bambi and his mummy, but I’ve edited faces a little to look a lot less like those famous two.  I’ve also practiced painting little flowers. Then I decided on the wreath shape and penciled in the flowers that went with my forest theme. I will use other flower ideas for something else, I am sure.Collages12The final result was good enough, although it is quite evident that I am not an artist. Need a lot more practice. I find that some lightness is missing in my work – I tend to overwork it. I need to learn to get it right the first time. Must not give up!



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