12 year old niece + Pinterest


So this has been rather humbling. Here I am browsing Pinterest, thinking I’ve got tinkering fingers (or rather that I AM THE tinkering fingers)… My twelve year old niece put me back into my rightful place, that place where I am biting her dust.

Mya got this rather boring blue T-shirt. I thought I’d go all “cool aunt” on her, introduce her to Pinterest, transform her T for her. Well, did she show me! She did her thing and ended up with this wonderful top! In no time at all!

Well done, Mya mou, very proud!


DIY – Cardboard Doll House


As a mother of two, one of my biggest fears is for my kids to get bored.  For kids to be bored means mood swings, nagging and whining (yes, my perfect children do that).  It must be prevented at all costs.  Being part of today’s consumerist society, when I think of ways to keep my kids busy, my mind by default tried to think of something to buy. However, when holidaying at my brother-in-law’s house in Scotland in the middle of nowhere (literally), it’s rather difficult to just “pop over” to a toy shop. You can imagine my excitement when I came face-to-face with a bright blue heaven-sent cardboard box!

My creative side told all the other sides to shut up, do not disturb.

My wonderful insanely crafty sister-in-law had the most perfect tool. Its a hook shaped blade knife! How clever! It was perfect for cutting the cardboard!


Blode Knife hook attachment

A few tweaks later and Lexie and I were back to playing with our favourite toy. It’s a perfect holiday toy. It cost us nothing, so putting it back into the recycling bin at the end of our vacation won’t be sad at all.

The Doll House has a living room downstairs, equipped with a sofa and a coffee table. Lexie added a little cardboard cut-out with Peppa Pig stickers on it.  A perfect TV!


A cupcake paper cup re-purposed to serve as a lamp shade.


Lexie is still in the process of decorating the house with stickers.

Cardboard Doll house