DIY – Cottage cushion cover (what, more little house obsession?)

SAM_4993My Sunday afternoon craft.

House cushion

Ok, cat’s out the bag – I absolutely love miniature houses. Whether it’s a shelf, or a paper-mache sculpture, or even a simple watercolour… I love them. What’s not to love? An idea of creating a home… be it for an imaginary someone. (Not to mention “Property ownership” potential). Here is my take on a little cottage house, using my favourite technique – the sewing machine embroidery. Super easy, took me one afternoon.

Here is a quick tutorial, just scroll down! By the way, here is my other tutorial embroidering letters on a baby quilt.

Step 1: To begin with, I had to draw up a rather detailed cottage drawing. Depending on your size pillow, aim for a roof that’s about a third of the height of the house, three windows on the first floor and two windows and a door on the ground floor.


Step 2: Trace the windows and door onto baking paper.


Step 3: Cut out a square piece of material that will serve as cottage wall (make sure it fits whatever cushion size you are planning to use). Lay it out with pieces of material cut out slightly larger that the windows and door on the tracing paper. I did iron the pieces before I sewed them on. I love projects like this, as you get to play around with all those pieces of materials that you’ve collected over the years. Who is laughing now!


Step 4: Align the “wall” material, “windows and doors” scraps and the tracing paper.


Step 5: Sew over the tracing paper.


Step 6: Cut off the excessive material around the seams.


Step 7: Sew along the edges of the windows and door using Zig-Zag stitch set at 4.5 width and 0.2 length. For inside the windows I used 1.5 width and 0.2 length.

Step 8: Decorate to your hearts content. I used another decoative stitch on my sewing machine, and lastly hand-sewn some beads for flowers.

House cushion

Step 9: Make it and love it!

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