DIY – Floor Cushion

Floor cushionHere is a little two day project, that is actually part of a bigger project (more about that later), but for now it’s a pretty floor pillow, absolutely adored by my little ones.

One of the more straight forward crafts out there, with an insanely clear tutorial found here, this was easy and relatively fast.

Measuring 1 metre by 70 cm, it’s a good kid-friendly size, however I chose this measurement because it is meant to fit somewhere else. Would you believe it, it takes 2 kilos of poly-fill?! Also, 4 metres of very nice cotton material (I bought 4 metres cause I need two of these) worth only 16 euro! I think for this price, once it’s where it should be, it will be great!!

NB: Updating the post with a picture of where these floor pillows were made for:

Play house2

Playhouse loft made ever so cosy with these two floor cushions!



One thought on “DIY – Floor Cushion

  1. Beautiful! I love the fabric you chose. Btw, thanks so much for sharing the tutorial link – I’ve been trying to find a how-to for these for ages, & now I’ve got a great one, thanks to you. Cheers!

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