DIY – Playhouse

Our playhouse is finished!

This is perhaps the most amazing gift my kids will ever receive! I am pretty sure this will free my dad from all Birthday and Christmas presents for both of my kids for years!

In the beginning of this summer, when I mentioned to my dad my plans of making something like this for my children, I had a vision of a little box, probably made out of recycled pallets… My dad jumped at the opportunity, and – he has only himself to blame – turned it into a month long project that has utilized pretty much each one of his skills – welding, carpentry, painting, carving, and many more. The result is an amazing playhouse, loved by my children and absolutely adored by me!

Definitely more posts later on the making of!

Play house4

The Playhouse came at the perfect time – right after Lexie’s birthday and just before Charlie’s. Another perfect aspect of the timing is the fact that everything that’s inside was already acquired and prophetically waiting for its rightful place in the Playhouse. Perfect fit for everything… I thought it lucky, but knowing my dad, he has measured everything precisely! Again, more on that later!
Play houseHall – place to take off your tight shoes and slip on a comfy baker’s apron!Play house1

Dining area – a place where hungry little boys wait for their dinner.

Play house2

Bedroom – Lexie was very quick to “shotgun” the window side as her own, letting Charlie settle for the “isle” side.

Play house3

Sliding doors, a wonderful idea by my dad. Saves space!

I am sure I will have years of DIY posts that will center around this beloved Playhouse. I have already purchased curtain material….

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2 thoughts on “DIY – Playhouse

  1. Beautiful! That was not the quickest job on the planet and what a wonderful gift fro the children. I’m sure they will so many great memories. Your father seems like a talented man. I love it!

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