DIY Party Decoration – Wall Frames

Sometimes, the cheapest idea is the best idea. This little party decor was fast and easy and cheap. All you need is an A4 or A3 size colour paper and cut away! Stick the frame to your wall with some white tack or double sided tape – and ta-da – bring on the party!


Here are my patterns, you are welcome to use them! All you really need is a quarter of the frame, and then flip-and-flap them around to complete the whole frame.


For one party we were extra bit adventurous and put in some prints in them. : ) Looked great as a backdrop.


But even without a photograph, these simple frames look great.


If you are wondering why there is a TP roll on the table, let me explain – it is part of my party craft. You can find out what I did with that here.

Check out my other party decoration ideas here:

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Happy partying!


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