DIY – Painted picture frame

A while ago I drove past a curtain shop closing down sale, and in the window display they had these frames being sold off for as little as 2 euro! They weren’t antique, or possessed some other hidden value; they weren’t even solid wood (I think its mixture of plaster and wood).

Big photo frame2

For me though, as a D-I-Wife, anything that can be painted (and at a reduced cost), is a welcome find. I love how a coat of paint can change the object’s character to fit your home perfectly.

Big photo frame1

The old frame was too tacky and too outdated, but full of potential.

Big photo frame

Two coats of “greeny” paint (I always have white paint for wood, and change tints simply by adding some acrylic paint. Trick is to mix enough for both layers.)


I did have to take the frame to a specialist and purchase glass and mounting board, which cost me 12 euro, but even when all the costs were added, I think some 15 euro is an excellent price for a picture this size and hours of enjoyment. 🙂

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