Girl’s room – Frame collage

Girl room frames

My house is slowly running out of space on the walls… I do love those frames and shelves!

This weekend, I have finally put up shelves that have been lying around for ages. I love it how empty frames become part of your home the minute you fill them with something special.  And I still have more to put up!

This is where I found some space – on the wall above Lexie’s bed next to her book shelves.


As I said, selecting appropriate material for the frames is very important. The above two frames are framed with my favourite fabrics. Too easy.


This little number is perhaps my favourite. Many many many years ago (I would say end of 80s, beginning of 90s) my mum was working on a design for an animated cartoon. At that time she worked at Belarus film as an animator. Eventually, out of all proposed characters, this one was chosen, and for years we went to bed after watching a “good-night” program that played a song animated by my mum. This picture is definitely special. In fact, it inspired me to search for it, and here is is, I found it!!!


This is very much my mum’s style. She designed a few characters that looked like this. Lexie liked it, too, as she said it looks like her when she grows up.  I love the little crosses for the camera and the animator’s holes at the top.


Cross stitch picture was a wedding present from a close family friend. The girl in the picture is holding a star. Lexie and I love it!


Finally, there is also a white oval frame that I have framed with bright yellow material and some foam padding. It’s for Lexie’s stickers that she is so fond of, but unfortunately don’t always peel off of walls.

Always a treat to decorate something!

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