DIY – Fabric Envelope


Mid-term holiday, play date arranged for the little ones, house sparkling clean – perfect setting for a wee craft. Quickly browsed my Pinterest likes ♥, got some inspiration and came up with these sweet little fabric envelopes! My daughter is at that perfect age for pretend play, these are perfect for that. Next though, is a little postbox for our playhouse. No problem!


All you need is some white or off-white scrap fabric that you cut into a shape shown above. Add all the embellishments before you sew the envelope. To sew the envelope, put the right sides together, and sew the sides, leaving a little 2cm opening to turn it inside out. Once you turn it inside out, iron the seams and sew the edges again, to make sure the materials don’t shift. Then fold the envelope and sew the edges together to make a pocket.  Envelope1Some more ideas for the embellishments. I used a wavy stitch for the writing. Also, I used letters to represent my stamps, but that’s where you can be really imaginative!SAM_5367

Make it and love it!

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