DIY – Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings

As Christmas fever is starting to rise, and especially us craftsters, we have to start early, I thought it’s time to start thinking about it too.  As I browsed through my craft files, I have come across some Christmas crafts that I have done some years ago. And then, as it happens, I saw the picture pinned onto Pinterest of the pattern I used for my craft.  Once again, serendipity, so I thought must be too good not to share.

So here are a couple photos of the tiny knitted Mini Christmas Stockings.  I think they were meant to be Christmas Tree decorations, but I had a fox freezing it’s socks off, so my mini stockings became Christmas Fox decorations.


I have only ever made two, and different patterns, not sure why, but you will find many more (FREE!) patterns here.


Make it and love it!

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