Food vectors

Who doesn’t like a good cake?

I went thorough a period in my life when most of my vector designs focused on food… I must have still been pregnant.


A wedding cake, anyone?


What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

ice cream flavours

Forbidden doughnut!


The below vector of wine and cheese is a rather special one for me – my first vector, where I used brush tool pretty much for all of it. As I was learning about vector drawing, I had to stop thinking of it in terms of paper and paint brush, and approach it in a more systematic way. I did learn how to group properly, and the correct order of layers.

Cheese and wine

I then learned the value of icons (and stickers) and designed this BBQ icon set – a rather popular set in my portfolio.

BBQ set

I have since designed other food related icon sets:


Having a go at isometric style icons:

food icons6The more I kept at it, the more my personal style was showing through. It was a great learning experience, I am still hoping to get back to vectors one day.
Collection of fruit in a fruit vasePlum for you?


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