Tutorial – how to paint a pet from a photograph


It is terrible how easily “side-track”-able I am! I finally decided to organise my photographs, perhaps even create a photo album, which lead me to browsing through my many folders. Big mistake! I stambled upon many past projects, and now feel the need to blog it. The hope is usually to inspire someone else, and if not, then to catalogue my past endeavours.

Here is a dog, namely pug that I painted couple years ago using a wonderful tutorial on youtube.

All you need is a canvas, paints and paint brushes. You would have an advantage if you had tracing paper, but you can work around it, too. You also need a nice picture of your pet. I didn’t have a pet, so google had to share it’s pet pictures with me. Here is one I found – the Pug.


Just follow the tutorial and your inner artist, and you get a wonderful painting of your (or someone else’s) pet!


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