Dip Painting with Chalk Board Paint

dip painted console1

The weather in Cyprus has been exceptionally warm, working outside on some pending projects seems like a holiday. I finally got around repainting this old bedside table/console.

Completely forgetting to take the “BEFORE” pictures, I am glad my supportive husband has taken some photos and put them together in a collage…


Painting furniture is  not a novice, however doing it perfectly is a rarity. I have painted Lexie’s toddler kitchen and some mirrors and frames, but I have been known to skip steps. This time I went all out – the sanding, the primer, three layers with a new roller each time.

Starting this project, I bought masking tape, rollers, primers, sand paper, etc. I had some green chalk board paint, which I have used in the past and it prooved to be very durable and covered well. So, the long process began. I sanded, painted with primer, and started with the paint. However, once I’ve painted the bedside table (I call it that, but I am not sure if that’s appropriate, as it is slightly larger than a bedside table. When I bought it, it was sold to me as a console desk.. by the way, I bought it for 10 euro).


Once it was ready, it was all green.  It was the only paint I had then, so the console was painted all green. It looked too green.

That’s when the idea came. Why not add some acrylic paint into white primer and turn it into dip painting project?

dip painted console2

Dip painting was a new concept, so I did my best. My first attempt, I’ve put masking tape where needed, however I didn’t press masking tape to adhere it. Some paint leaked under the tape, as demonstrated by the pictures above. Second attempt was much more successful. As always, learning from my mistakes.


Dip painting, a first for me!SAM_5462Plus chalk painted – not a first for me. I am sure this will come in handy. By the way, this is the very green chalk paint that they use in schools. I love it for that all the more!

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