DIY – Embroidered Hand prints

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Whoever came up with this beautiful idea is a genius! I love the idea of immortalising families’ hand prints. And stem stitch could not be easier! Anyone can do it – so I did!

When idea started circulating on Pinterest, I had everything to make this craft – fabric, embroidery floss and family with kids. It was easiest to get my own hand print. I had to convince my husband to get his hand print, I remember saying “Trust me, you will love it”. I might say that a lot to him when I am trying to convince him of the validity of my next craft. With my daughter it was relatively interesting, too, we made it into a game, and it took us a few fun-filled attempts. Getting a hand print from my baby son was a little more challenging, only because the time was never right. If he was awake, he was fed and if he was asleep, you wanted to keep it that way.

The choice of floss could have been a little more creative, and yet I went for blue, red, pink and baby blue.


It is amazing how much the hand prints looks like our family. So personal!

Super easy, super fast! Make it and love it!

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6 thoughts on “DIY – Embroidered Hand prints

  1. Love this idea – it would make a great Christmas gift for my friend’s family, if I can get her to get the handprints for me. She’s very arty/crafty and could do it herself if she had time (4 kids, 6 and under).

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