Tutorial – Dress-up Nurse Apron

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Today both my kiddies had to get vaccinated, and to take our mind off of it, our answer lay with Dress-up Nurse Apron. Nothing like a theme fitted craft!

Just recently I’ve been donated some fabric scraps, all sizes and all colours. Just so happened, I found all the fabric scraps that would work for me. Perfect to turn our stressed up day into a dressed-up day.


I’ve cut out whatever pieces would make up the nurse apron, leaving enough space for seam allowances. I also planned to make a little red cross on a white circle.


Next step was to tidy all sides, and work on the little red cross. Looked tidy enough. I also added some rushing on the skirt piece, to make it more girly.

Nurse apron1

The remaining steps were about putting all the pieces together, hiding as many seams as possible.


All I need to sew now is a little nurse hat. In good time.

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