Quilted Animal Rug

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Another weekend, another craft!

In my previous post I mentioned that I was donated a bag of fabric from one of my blog followers (thank you, kind giver!), and so I’ve been raking my brain for something to do with all those fabric scraps. All the pieces are tiny and odd shapes, some are curtain cut-offs, and some are trouser cut-offs – a very eccentric assortment, I’d say.

I decided that the best use for this assortment would probably be a quilt, however, to my utmost excitement, I came across this little quilted fox rug! You can find the initial designer’s fox here, however I had to use whatever scraps of material I had, so mine ultimately looks like MY craft.

And the best part is that it is so easy to make!

Start off by drawing half of the animal outline on  parchment paper. Cut it out and place onto foam material (which I later substituted with a fleece material), trace, flip and trace the other side.


Mandarins, nom nom, it’s Christmas time soon!


Cut 5 cm wide strips of different colour fabric (although I went for the same stretch and thickness fabric) and lay it out for each side, sew together. I used a beautiful thick curtain fabric for the back.


Sew all layers together: the face, the lining and the back. The face and the back should be facing each other with the right side. Leave a little opening where the tail should go, to turn the piece inside out, and also attach the tail. I did make some decorative stitching once it was turned inside out, but that was only because this craft finished so quickly and I wanted to dwell on it some more.


Don’t forget the ears! I used some brown felt material for the ear tips and white material for the inside of the ears. Same white material was used for the tail tip.


Assemble all the pieces. I thought about adding eyes, but that made it look too real…

SAM_5586Concequently, it has found its new home in my children’s play house. Perfect for our little reading nook.

Make it and love it!

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