Extending Tights’ Life Expectancy


For me, a pair of tights is definitely a wardrobe necessity, but one I dread most. I would go through at least 10 pairs a season, and that really adds up. However, lucky for me, a simple secret has been shared with me, revealing how to extend the tights’ life expectancy.  And now, lucky for you, I am sharing the secret with you.

I’ve even drawn up a simple diagram. I hope its simple anyway.

Basically, what you do is start by buying two identical pairs. That’s an easy one as in Cyprus we often have 1+1 offers. Then the inevitable happens – you get a hole and a run in one leg.  Simply cut that side off just above a thigh. Lay it aside till later. When the same unfortunate event happens to the other pair of tights, do the same, by cutting a side off. When you have two halves, simply wear one over the other. Don’t worry if the run happens on the same side of both pairs – usually tights don’t have a front or a back, so the legs can be alternated.

And so, this is a “third” pair, paying for only 0ne!


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