DIY – 4 Easy Christmas Ornaments


Of course, these trending Pins were going to creep up onto our Christmas trees. This year they have sojourned everywhere – onto leggings, quilts, wall art, kids’ rooms, bracelets, etc. Just so happened, Christmas came, and the “trend” was all over it.


If you were on the moon, and missed the trends, here is the review:
Ornament 1: Bunting.

This particular “Bunting-gone-Christmas-Tree-Ornament” is simply some felt cut into triangle shapes and threaded together. Super easy, super cute!


Cut a strip of felt into triangles and thread through with white thread.

SAM_5834   SAM_5858

Ornament 2: Himmeli

Himmeli is big this Christmas. Must be because of the strong geometrical trend.

There are so many brilliant tutorials out there. Google any one of them and you won’t regret it. However, I haven’t come across even one that would give you this hint: use cotton buds! Other tutorials suggest using straws, cocktail sticks, actual straw, etc, however cotton buds are the cheapest, sturdiest, most durable and white. Don’t buy Johnson’s brand though, as their sticks are compressed paper and not plastic tube that you need.


Cut of the tips and use the tubes. With so many tutorials out there, I am afraid to infringe someone’s copyright, so my advice – google it. Cheeky me!


Ornament 3: Cotton bud garland

What to do with all those cotton bud tips we’ve cut of for the above ornament? Thread them into a cute garland!


Alternate with some beads every now and then, and you are set!




Ornament 4: Pompoms


Twist some yearn around a fork, tie and knot tightly around the center, cut the loops and fluff it up!


You could trim them some more and even machine wash them in the delicates bag to make them more even, but I like a more handmade look to my pompoms.


This is it! Decorate away!


Make it and love it!

If your Christmas tree is fully decorated, maybe you are thinking what to put under that tree. Here are some suggestions:

Desktop    House cushion    Blog thumbnail - DIY Geometrical Quilt


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