Boy’s Room

Charlie's room1

My Boy is growing up so quickly, it is time to change his nursery into something more grown up (perhaps even move him in with his older sister). Before it is dismantled, I decided to take a few more photos of his first room and share some ideas that made up his room. In a way – immortalize the memory.

I have posted about shelves in Charlie’s room before, and mentioned briefly how kids’  rooms are ever changing, adapting to new needs, both mummy and baby.

For now, this is Charli’s baby room.

From his older sister, Charlie inherited a red Ikea chair with a matching foot rest, a baby cot and a red stripy carpet. That’s a lot of red for a boy’s room. My solution was to add a neutral colour or a colour that would sort of neutralise red. Adding turquoise seemed like a good idea, and consequently, a theme started developing. I think it all became somewhat circus inspired.

Charlie's room3

I miraculously found some time (with a toddler and a baby!!!) to paint a very simple triptych arrangement  of some bunting on blue sky. I also found a blue lampshade and decorated that with white felt cloud cut-outs. Another wall decoration was a cross-stitched Russian Alphabet. Love that!

Charlie's room2

An old moses basket (and when I say old, I mean old – it was not safe to pass on to another baby) became a toy basket and hid under a foot stool.


Some of my favourite toys made it to Charlie’s shelves – a retro radio tin, a soft stacking toy, Cheburashka, Elmo and some other treasures. A rocking horse found its place in the room, too.


For Charlie’s first Christmas I made him a beautiful triangle inspired quilt, a tutorial for which you can find there, too.

A sweet little room where Charlie and I spent many hours – laughing, crying (mainly Charlie) and bonding. I will miss this room, just like I will miss my little-baby-boy year. Now,   I will look forward to creating a fun-filled big boy room and all the fun memories we will make there.

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