Maid of Honour Dress

Days go by, holidays come and go, new year is welcomed in, and I haven’t posted since last year!

I wish I could say I had no inspiration because things have been so hectic lately, but that would be a nice excuse. Truthfully, because things have been so hectic, so have been my crafts. I think a ‘craft fail’ post is panting to happen.

Things could be bleak. However, every now and then I am reminded of some of the brighter, more successful creations that inspire me to keep creating. My sister’s wedding is one such occasion – a day of sunbeams and smiles and that natural obvious untamed glee.


The embodiment of perfection in white dress is my sister.
The one trying to suck out purls from her earring is me.


This lovely dress was sewn by then 4 month-pregnant me for this joyous occasion. My sister sent her choice of material to me, the Maid of Honour (Yeah!) and the bridesmaids, and gave us a free range over the design. I don’t think I’ve ever sewn so meticulously ever before! Every seam, every tuck, every nip was calculated and executed with laser precision (now, I say that, but it wasn’t really…). It even had an invisible zipper! All those other failed invisible zipper attempts now gained a purpose – practice, to make this zipper perfect.


The main goal, as well as looking sister-worthy, was to accommodate the following:

  • naturally occurring paunch
  • baby growing there-within
  • wedding feast


I think, mission was accomplished.

I managed to save a few quid sewing it myself and that’s also a plus.

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