Wall Mural – DIY


On numerous occasions, and yet not frequently enough, I have praised my mum for her creativity and never ceasing willingness to help. Such is the case with this beautiful wall mural she did for my daughter’s first nursery, almost 4 years ago. 

We were renting a two-bedroom accommodation then. As we were planning to move country before Lexie was born, we got rid of all our belongings and literally downsized to a couple of suitcases. When those plans fell through, we had to move in somewhere. Anywhere, really, that was available and furnished. It was difficult to go through “nesting” period, as nothing was really ours, nothing felt permanent, and I was increasingly consumed with a feeling that Lexie, once born, would feel unexpected and unwelcome.  Help…

Too-to-to-too!  Mum to the rescue!

My mum and her extraordinary creativity produced this wall mural. Yes, it was rented accommodation, and yes, it did take me several coats of paint to cover it up once we were ready to more; but, oh yes, it did make me feel special. That childish awe, when you ask your mummy to paint you a picture, and she does – quite well, too. 

It did just what it was meant to do. 


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