DIY – Superhero Mask and Cape

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What do you do when you have a spare hour? My husband took a nap. My children and I made a Superhero mask and cape and run aroundlike cray nutters – all in an hour!

It does not require much preparation or fabric – or even skill. Charlie sat on my chair behind me, that’s how little concentration this craft requires. Neither of my kiddies know that Spider-man’s outfit is red and blue and Batman’s is black and yellow, so they are just as excited with a green superhero mask and cape.

The Making Of:

Step 1 – Pin your template (which I sketched myself) to two pieces of felt. The bottom piece needs to be quite a bit larger than the front piece.


Step 2 – Cut around the seam of the front piece.


Step 3 – Prepare the elastic band. I wrapped mine in a green ribbon as shown below.


Step 4 – Pin your second template, two pieces of felt and the elastic strap. I have also inserted some green material between the felt pieces just for some extra sturdiness. Sew together.

Step 5 – Cut the fabric off around the seam.


Step 6 – Bring back the first template and sew around the eyes.


Step 7 – Cut the eye holes out.

For the cape, I took dark green 1m by 1m jersey material, sewn a 25cm elastic band about 20cm down the back. Then I folded the material over the elastic band and sewn on some green ribbons.


Final result – some weird green superhero costume, that didn’t cost me a thing,but provided a fun opportunity for role-play!


My girl, a born superhero!

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