DIY – Lalaloopsy Bedding

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I love fabric leftovers! I love weighing up all their posibilities, maximising their potential, watching it reborn.

This bedding was so simple to make, yet so cute! Throw together some lace, ribbon, heart shaped buttons and some floral and polka dot fabric – and, voila!, you get some gorgeous bedding for your dolly!


One long decorative pillow…


One heart-shaped decorative pillow…


I’ve added on some light green felt hearts, using the same technique as described in my tutorial here. Super easy!


Make it and love it!

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DIY – Lalaloopsy Embroidery

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My little girl and I love Lalaloopsy Dolls. Our all time favourite, which also happens to be our very first Lalaloopsy is Pillow Featherbed. She is just so cute! We love printing her in colouring pages and let her come to life with colour. The other day, I found a pink Ikea frame, and I knew instantly what was going into that frame.

This was so easy, I could not believe I didn’t do this earlier! Print out the colouring page, and stitch it onto fabric. Next time I will be a little more adventurous and embroider some polka dot material or stripes. I didn’t use any fancy stitching as I was just curious about the end result and wanted it done quickly. I am so excited to discover this for myself.

Here is the outline of the doll I used.lalalopsy_14

It looks great – we love it!


Isn’t Featherbed a cutie? With all the little details, she is adorable!


Those button eyes – love them!


Accents of orange are perfect! And real buttons for buttons.


And her tiny pet – fluffy lamb!


Make it and love it!

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Tutorial – Birdhouse Decoration

Blog thumbnail - Tutorial BirdhouseWho said diamonds are a girl’s best friend?  Well, have I got breaking news for you! Glue gun all the way! Glue gun is girl’s best friend. I don’t know how anyone can live without this instant fix! And the craft possibilities are endless!

What do you get when you cross fabric, cardboard and glue gun? Absolutely anything!

Here is a simple idea – making a birdhouse decoration. All you need is the below pattern, fabric, cardboard and – wait for it – glue gun! The instructions are super easy!


As it is so easy to make, make two! Only takes about 20 min!


I love how all things crafted and made end up in our crafted and made playhouse.


A while back I’ve also wrapped letters spelling out JOY in fabric, using very much the same method. Possibilities really are endless!


This craft also ended up in our playhouse.


How cute!


I think I need to add some curtains.


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DIY – Easter Bunny Wreath Kids’ Craft



A half hour craft to do with your little ones this Easter.

You really don’t need much – just some old cardboard (who does not keep those just in case, you never know), shades of green or pastel paper cut into leaf shapes and some paper glue. I cheated a little and used glue gun to attach ribbons, but some superglue or ever tape would do the trick. And anything else you would like to adorn it with, like ribbon or beads or some fluffy pompons!


I made one to try it out, and it came out all too neat, and instead of random and improvised, it looked too planned, almost calculated.


That’s why I love my kids’ version!


Love what they make!

DIY – Fabric Veggies

Blog thumbnail - DIY Fabric Vegetables

Fabric Veggies – such a clever toy! My kids love playing picnic and house and grocery shop with these fabric veggies. I won’t say it’s a quick and easy craft, but I think it is well worth it. Plus, they are sturdy and machine washable, should last for a while. Here is my take on DIY fabric vegetables.

Step 1: Using this template printed on A4, cut out the necessary pieces. For a tomato use 5 cut outs. Pin two pieces together, right sides facing.

fabric veggies5

Step 2: Sew the two together. Make sure to use back stitching to make sure seams don’t come apart at the edges. Turn them inside out.

fabric veggies6

Step 3: Pin another piece to one of the original pieces, right side together.  Continue until all five pieces are sewn together. Sew together the first and the last pieces, leaving a 4-5cm gap for filling. Turn right side out.

fabric veggies7

Step 4: Fill the shape with polyfill. You will need about a kilo for all toys.  Using a thread and needle, sew up the gap used for filling.

fabric veggies9

Step 5: At the point, for purposes of specialisation, I’ve completed all work that needed to be done on the sewing machine.

Here are all the parts needed for the veggies:


Step 6: Decorate the veggies. Using embroidery floss, go over all the seams on round shapes and around the leaves.

fabric veggies10


fabric veggies3


fabric veggies2


fabric veggies1


fabric veggies

Step 7: Give them to your kid.


Make it and love it!

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