DIY – Fabric Veggies

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Fabric Veggies – such a clever toy! My kids love playing picnic and house and grocery shop with these fabric veggies. I won’t say it’s a quick and easy craft, but I think it is well worth it. Plus, they are sturdy and machine washable, should last for a while. Here is my take on DIY fabric vegetables.

Step 1: Using this template printed on A4, cut out the necessary pieces. For a tomato use 5 cut outs. Pin two pieces together, right sides facing.

fabric veggies5

Step 2: Sew the two together. Make sure to use back stitching to make sure seams don’t come apart at the edges. Turn them inside out.

fabric veggies6

Step 3: Pin another piece to one of the original pieces, right side together.  Continue until all five pieces are sewn together. Sew together the first and the last pieces, leaving a 4-5cm gap for filling. Turn right side out.

fabric veggies7

Step 4: Fill the shape with polyfill. You will need about a kilo for all toys.  Using a thread and needle, sew up the gap used for filling.

fabric veggies9

Step 5: At the point, for purposes of specialisation, I’ve completed all work that needed to be done on the sewing machine.

Here are all the parts needed for the veggies:


Step 6: Decorate the veggies. Using embroidery floss, go over all the seams on round shapes and around the leaves.

fabric veggies10


fabric veggies3


fabric veggies2


fabric veggies1


fabric veggies

Step 7: Give them to your kid.


Make it and love it!

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