Tutorial – Birdhouse Decoration

Blog thumbnail - Tutorial BirdhouseWho said diamonds are a girl’s best friend?  Well, have I got breaking news for you! Glue gun all the way! Glue gun is girl’s best friend. I don’t know how anyone can live without this instant fix! And the craft possibilities are endless!

What do you get when you cross fabric, cardboard and glue gun? Absolutely anything!

Here is a simple idea – making a birdhouse decoration. All you need is the below pattern, fabric, cardboard and – wait for it – glue gun! The instructions are super easy!


As it is so easy to make, make two! Only takes about 20 min!


I love how all things crafted and made end up in our crafted and made playhouse.


A while back I’ve also wrapped letters spelling out JOY in fabric, using very much the same method. Possibilities really are endless!


This craft also ended up in our playhouse.


How cute!


I think I need to add some curtains.


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