DIY – Lalaloopsy Embroidery

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My little girl and I love Lalaloopsy Dolls. Our all time favourite, which also happens to be our very first Lalaloopsy is Pillow Featherbed. She is just so cute! We love printing her in colouring pages and let her come to life with colour. The other day, I found a pink Ikea frame, and I knew instantly what was going into that frame.

This was so easy, I could not believe I didn’t do this earlier! Print out the colouring page, and stitch it onto fabric. Next time I will be a little more adventurous and embroider some polka dot material or stripes. I didn’t use any fancy stitching as I was just curious about the end result and wanted it done quickly. I am so excited to discover this for myself.

Here is the outline of the doll I used.lalalopsy_14

It looks great – we love it!


Isn’t Featherbed a cutie? With all the little details, she is adorable!


Those button eyes – love them!


Accents of orange are perfect! And real buttons for buttons.


And her tiny pet – fluffy lamb!


Make it and love it!

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse  Blog thumbnail - DIY Lalaloopsy Bedding Blog thumbnail - Doll House corner couch


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