Multi-purpose (mummy) nook

Multipurpose nook

In our “rental, sweet rental”, space is scarce. As well as scarce, the whole floor plan of the flat is somewhat awkward with odd corners, walls and nooks. Perhaps our lifestyle is too different from an average Cypriot family who would find no problem furnishing such typical apartment, I have struggled decorating it for years. Only now, I think finally I am settling with some of the rooms…

This particular nook, 2.4m by 2.8m is meant to be a dining room with a table and six chairs. My needs could never be satisfied with a mere dining room. What about all my precious arts & craft supplies? And kids’ craft? Sewing machine? Starbucks mug collection? Calligraphy set? They all need an appropriate loving home!

It was a challenge to bring all of these together, but I think, for time being, this solution works.


The Multi-purpose (mummy) nook contains the following:

– Yes, a big table that easily sits 6, and can be extended to sit 8 comfortably.

– Four chairs and a DIY bench

– Two IKEA cupboards with glass doors

–  A TV (2″ or 3″ – it’s tiny)

– A DIY Chalkboard with two shelves above it.

Dining room1

My craft supplies have migrated many many times. They’ve been known to hang out around the office desk, sometimes in odd drawers in all parts of the house, and sometimes, oh so disrespectfully, in plastic craters tucked away. It was until I came to terms with my personality, and called things by their names – I admitted to myself, that it wasn’t a slip up, it wasn’t just that one time…. I am a CRAFTER!

It wasn’t the case of occasional crafts. It wasn’t just making some Christmas cards – it’s cheaper. Or making a birthday present for your niece – it’s more personal. Or sewing/knitting/crocheting clothes – it fits better. It was always about self-expression through creating. And that requires many many tools. Above you can see a whole cupboard dedicated to my many arts and crafts supplies, some finished DIYs and ever present work-in-progress.

Dining room2

My daughter also enjoys craft time. Mummy is very happy, even if it is just a phase. We use all media; paints, markers, colours, crayons, chalk, playdough, face paints and stickers. Craft boxes and colouring books are very happy here. My little ones know where to find whatever medium will help them express themselves best, pull it out, grab a chair and immerse!

The cupboard is a host to our Starbucks mug collection, too.

Dining room3

We needed a bench between those cupboards, and instead we had an Ikea small dining table.  I think every newly wed couple had bought one in the Noughties.

0122105_PE278490_S5When we realised we needed a bigger table, we bought a beautiful solid wood expandable table. My dad did that thing that he does (often times a.k.a. the impossible) and turned it into a bench. Love it!

Dining room

The Chalkboard is the last addition to this Multi-purpose (mummy) nook. This board is actually another Ikea piece of furniture that has outlived its useful life. Because it broke. Typical.

lack-coffee-table__0258002_PE401977_S4 It is simply a bottom panel painted with black chalkboard paint and mounted onto a wall. It looked a little lonely, so I’ve put up two shelves above it with some of my favourite frames and pieces. Heart were cut out of cork sticker and glued thereon, breaking up all that black.  I love how my daughter completely embraced it and draws on the board without reservations – exactly its purpose.

Finally, there is my tiny TV, that’s on when I craft. I also found it very useful to keep kids in the same room with me when I am cooking to keep an eye on them.

I am happy about the direction this room is taking – apart from a few tiny tweaks here and there, like the picture frames above the TV. I am sure I will think of something and happily D-I-Wife it!

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DIY – Puppet Theatre

Blog thumbnail - DIY Puppet Theatre

Last week, when I was building the Play Shop (check it out here), I thought it would be great if it could double as a Puppet Theatre. This week I found some beautiful red fabric for the curtains and some old table runners that contributed wonderfully towards my idea! All I had to do was sew a couple seams and throw it all together! To transform the Play Shop into a Puppet Theatre, all I have to do is change the chalk writing and add the red curtain! Did you get your tickets yet?
puppet theatre1

Who knew an old table runner (which by the way has beautiful Iranian hand embroidery, but is really worn) would fit so perfectly? I did not have to alter its length or width!

puppet theatre

So here is to turning junk to convertible Play Shop – Puppet Theatre!  Make it love it!

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DIY – Play Shop


This is perhaps the best value for money craft for me yet! Would you believe me if I told you I bought only one plank of wood for this whole project? That’s not to say that all it took was one plank of wood. I used pretty much all of the left-over junk that I kept “just in case”! This post is for all hoarders out there! Eventually, that old shelf, some coffee table legs and odd pieces of wood that are just too good to be binned, become something else, entirely fabulous in its own right.

DIY play shop1

This is my take on the Play Shop (aka Pretend store). Check out the pieces that found second life in this little number.SAM_6426

The top panel going across is a bit of an Ikea changing table. Two black brackets are from a shelf that has been re-purposed. There is a white shelf that is really old and just not good enough for indoor use. Two bits of wood used for the slanted shelves are actually chest of drawers front panels. Legs are made from some part of old garden furniture. I kept it all and used it all!


Design and construction are not the most “out-there” creations, however, I think the pieces I had have been utilised to the mostest!

The end result made a couple little ones super happy!


This little shop boasts wide range of products – from cake to veggiest to dairy to canned foods.


These really cool hooks with round picture frames display some of our favourite chocolate wrappers.


Cute little basket replaces shopping basket…


Little hands aligning little carrots, free pattern and tutorial for which are found here:


The top panel was painted with a black chalk board paint. I love chalk board paint!


Some crates and weighing scales for decoration, and – let the kids out!


Make it and love it!

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