DIY – Puppet Theatre

Blog thumbnail - DIY Puppet Theatre

Last week, when I was building the Play Shop (check it out here), I thought it would be great if it could double as a Puppet Theatre. This week I found some beautiful red fabric for the curtains and some old table runners that contributed wonderfully towards my idea! All I had to do was sew a couple seams and throw it all together! To transform the Play Shop into a Puppet Theatre, all I have to do is change the chalk writing and add the red curtain! Did you get your tickets yet?
puppet theatre1

Who knew an old table runner (which by the way has beautiful Iranian hand embroidery, but is really worn) would fit so perfectly? I did not have to alter its length or width!

puppet theatre

So here is to turning junk to convertible Play Shop – Puppet Theatre!  Make it love it!

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