6 Awesome Dollhouse DIYs

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Tinkering with dollhouse again? What?! Yep, it’s true! I have managed to put together a beautiful sitting room of wonderfully eclectic style pieces – pretty much all handmade from materials that anyone could easily find around their house. I love making something out of nothing and this is one of my ultimate creations! This is what the room looks like:


With every DIY, you will find a quick picture instruction or a link to where a coherent tutorial might be found. With these simple 6 Dollhouse DIYs, you will pretty much complete one whole room! Enjoy!

1. Popsicle stick frame

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You will need 4 Popsicle sticks, a tiny picture that you are wishing to frame, some cardboard and a glue-gun! Then follow the following steps:

doll furniture

2. Wingback Chair

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I’ve already posted this tutorial previously, but as it is now part of this special room, it seems fitting to mention it again. You will need some cardboard, scrap material, glue-gun and some trimming, i.e. string.

Doll chair4

3. Crochet Rug

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This is a beautiful touch to any dollhouse room! A super easy wonderful tutorial is found here, however when I did mine, I kind of just went with it, and it came out. Follow your instinct!

4. Curtains

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These curtains were very simple. I had some Ikea curtain material left over. That was cut to size, draped over a BBQ stick, held with beads and glue-gunned to the wall.

5. Lamp

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse lamp2This was a bit of an interesting treasure-hunt. I found all these caps and lids from eye drops and toothpaste, and a party horn. Put those together, and you get a contemporary lamp!

doll furniture2

6. Footstool/Ottoman

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This started with World Cup and loads of Pizza… I had all those three legged tables that come with pizza. They had to be used somehow, and this is how. Take six of them and *puff* make an ottoman!


Your turn to make it and love it!

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5 DIY Party Decorations

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I had a wonderful opportunity to throw a birthday party on practically zero budget! Yes, I said opportunity, not challenge.  I love opportunities like this, push creativity and have a good excuse to browse Pinterest for hours.

Here are 5 wonderful DIY ideas chosen for this party. These particular decorations complement each other very well in more ways than one. First of all, there are two shades of purple, which is not too monotonous yet works together very well.  The economies of scale is another reason for making all of these together, as you make all decoration from the same materials. So, without further ado:

Blog thumbnail - DIY party4With as little as 5 euro, you can make 5 gorgeous party decorations:

1. Cupcake stand


This particular piece cost me nothing. A kitchen roll (free!) and two circles cut out from cardboard (free!) fastened together with some masking tape and painted over with white paint. I used acrilyc, cause I had acrylic, but gouache would work just as well. I had some tule left over, so I glue-gunned that, but alternatively, doilies or paper or tape could have been used as a trim.

The idea came from this photo on pinterest, however the link is no longer available.


2. Bunting

Girly purple party8Ok, no need for tutorial here, it’s that easy, however I will insert a printout of how to fit 4 flags on one page. Basically, to figure this out, divide the longest side by 5, mark out those lengths on top and bottom edges and join diagonally.

I used white and purple A4 sheets of cardboard paper.



3. Pinata

For this project you will need crepe paper (or tissue paper), cardboard box, scissors and tape.

Girly purple party4

An excellent tutorial is found here.


4. Paper Stars

Girly purple party5The center piece of our table was unfortunately a grey umbrella. To hide it, I wrapped it in pink tulle and scattered some pretty white and purple stars. To make these you just need to cut out hexagons from paper and fold away. That easy! Alternatively to hexagons, you can cut out star’s of David and fold them the same way. I have designed a print-out for you so you don’t have to:


And last but not least,

5. Giant paper flowers
Girly purple party6The tutorial on pinterest is excellent, but the link is lost. Here is the photo Tuto using only some tissue paper and string:


Four packets of crepe paper, some string and white and purple cardboard cost me  less that 5 euro! Hope this will help you planning your party and not worry about the budget!

SAM_6803Make it and love it!

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DIY – Coffee table

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Since we got married, which was not that long ago, only seven (blissful) years, we’ve bought four coffee tables. Three of them were from Ikea, and one from Elinas, a DIY center. Not all were the cheapest version available, so an average of two years per coffee table seems a little too short. Fair enough, I’ve got two baboons, who eat with their feet as much as with their hands and my daughter who is a toddler – what do you expect? The tables face a fair amount of “wear and tear”. First thing that usually “went” were the edge strips that cover plywood. With Ikea coffee tables, it was also the surfaces, that first changed colour, then got scratched, then swell up. One of the Ikea tables eventually broke into two halves – yes, that happens!Coffee table

This is my recent DIY Coffee Table – I have great hopes for it! Finally, I gathered enough courage not to buy a coffee table from Ikea. Sure enough, on one of the local “Buy, Sell, Swap” sites, I found this little table for sale. From the photos sent to me, I could tell that top was laminated plywood, which I hate oh-so-very-much, but the base and the legs looked like decent type of solid wood. So I bought it, looking forward to some creative D-I-Wifing.


It was clear that the top panel had to be replaced with something more durable and eye pleasing. Removing it was not hard, it was attached with screws from the bottom, no glue. I am pretty sure it was handmade by someone. The legs are very similar to the wood used for veranda roofs in Cyprus – nice sturdy logs!


At a DIY centre, to my utmost delight, they sold wooden panels that were just perfect size for the base – I did not even have to use my saw! Quick sanding, couple coats of white primer (it’s not too shiny) and it was done!

A table that responds to all our needs – and hopefully will withstand corrosion that comes with the territory!


Make it and love it!

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DIY Fabric Dollhouse

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My dollhouse obsession continues! I don’t know what it is about tiny little houses, but I am absolutely crazy about them! I wonder if there is a name for this crazy obsession. Dollhouse-itis.. Dollhouse-a-mania? SAM_6706

I think my favourite part of creating a little house is to see little hands play with it. This is a picture of my wee son, investgating. He’s too cute!


The little fabric house is actually sewn for my cute niece, who just turned 2! I am really hoping she will love it.

There is a perfect little tutorial with pictures right here. Make sure you visit it, it’s great!

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