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Since we got married, which was not that long ago, only seven (blissful) years, we’ve bought four coffee tables. Three of them were from Ikea, and one from Elinas, a DIY center. Not all were the cheapest version available, so an average of two years per coffee table seems a little too short. Fair enough, I’ve got two baboons, who eat with their feet as much as with their hands and my daughter who is a toddler – what do you expect? The tables face a fair amount of “wear and tear”. First thing that usually “went” were the edge strips that cover plywood. With Ikea coffee tables, it was also the surfaces, that first changed colour, then got scratched, then swell up. One of the Ikea tables eventually broke into two halves – yes, that happens!Coffee table

This is my recent DIY Coffee Table – I have great hopes for it! Finally, I gathered enough courage not to buy a coffee table from Ikea. Sure enough, on one of the local “Buy, Sell, Swap” sites, I found this little table for sale. From the photos sent to me, I could tell that top was laminated plywood, which I hate oh-so-very-much, but the base and the legs looked like decent type of solid wood. So I bought it, looking forward to some creative D-I-Wifing.


It was clear that the top panel had to be replaced with something more durable and eye pleasing. Removing it was not hard, it was attached with screws from the bottom, no glue. I am pretty sure it was handmade by someone. The legs are very similar to the wood used for veranda roofs in Cyprus – nice sturdy logs!


At a DIY centre, to my utmost delight, they sold wooden panels that were just perfect size for the base – I did not even have to use my saw! Quick sanding, couple coats of white primer (it’s not too shiny) and it was done!

A table that responds to all our needs – and hopefully will withstand corrosion that comes with the territory!


Make it and love it!

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