Dollhouse – basic decor, 1st layer

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This is definitely one of my favourite parts – pretending to be an interior decorated based on what I’ve seen and learned on Pinterest.  Hobbies do provide a way of escape, and this is where I escape to, this is my outlet.

So far, I’ve worked on curtains, a rug, rope ladder and painting walls. This is what I got thus far.

Curtains were made our of some left over Ikea curtain material. I decided to make them all the same, all in white.

They were very easy to make. Cutting fabric to size, then iron out the seams (I actually use hair straighteners to do this), and then create an insert where the rope should go, tying it into loops on both sides.


To attach the curtains to the wall, I used little loops that screw into the wall of the dollhouse. Nice and easy.


As for the rope ladder, this is actually a bit of a cheat. I could not figure out how to make proper wooden staircase, I don’t have the right tools, nor know-how. So, opting for a simpler rope ladder seemed like a liable option, which actually turned out very cute!


Some wood glue to hold it in place – perfect!


I also made a little woven rug, and I plan to make more.


It is a very safe beige grey colour, very boring, but then I do have to consider that a host of pre-preschoolers will be playing with this every day, so my aim is to make it last.


All it takes is some fabric braided into long strands, and voila, you are doing it!


Painting the walls was an exciting part. The walls had to be different enough to create interest, yet similar enough to look cohesive. There had to be some print, some solid colour, some variety in colour, maybe even shade of colour… this is what I came up with:


Dining room:


Entrance into the kitchen:




Sitting room:


Rope ladder leading upstairs:





This is something that I’ve seen pinned time and time again on Pinterest. It had to be done. I used a little cross-stitch mesh from my daughter’s craft supplies to draw the crosses, which I have simply drawn with markers:


The bathroom:


The Kids’ room (boy or girl):

All in all, it seems to work together.



Furniture next!

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