DIY – Frida Kahlo inspired headband

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Every project leaves behind some material, be that ribbon, tulle, fabric or beads. I do keep them, in case a project comes up and will need that particular left-over. A while back I helped decorate friend’s birthday party, and had loads of orange ribbon left, and some tulle flowers left over from a Christening that I also helped decorate a while back (more on that in another post). For a while I’ve been thinking what to do with all those left-overs, but I knew it was going to work when I remembered Frida Kahlo’s headbands! Quick Google search – and the idea was formed and I knew it was going to work.

I love it when it all comes together like this! I love the result – if I ever find a moment when my daughter (or son) is not wearing it, it will be on my head for sure!


Here is what I needed. Some hot pink tulle flowers and pink ribbon flowers are from previous projects. The orange ribbon flowers were made using Pinterest tutorials (I will post those later). Some fake leaves and beads are also helpful.


These are the three types of flowers I used. Click here to see my previous post for tutorials.

frida kahl headband3

There was also a lonely headband that was needing some TLC. Wearing an orange ribbon wrap is its new identity. Glue gun helped me here.

frida kahl headband1

Then it was just the matter of laying out the flowers and glue-gun them in place. It came together so nicely, and I didn’t spend a penny on this!

frida kahl headband2

Make it and love it!

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