DIY – Crochet Succulent Garden

Blog thumbnail - DIY Chrochet Succelent GardenThe other day I went to Fasouliotis (the local shop where I buy my supplies) and I could hardly fit through the yarn isle. Not so much because of all those lovely Christmas kilos, but because there were so many other ladies panting for some wool! And its not surprising – its cold and rainy outside, warm and cosy inside – perfect setting for some knitting and crocheting. This is what I came up with!


And it could not be easier! If your are new to crochet, this is a really easy first time craft to try. It is impossible to mess up as there is no right or wrong way to do it, and it looks great, too!SAM_8020

I am not as proficient in crochet as I would like to be, but I know how to chain, make single and double stitches and increases and decreases.  I found simple instructions here, which gives you the real basic free pattern for a round cactus. Sure, its in Danish, but it has numbers and really, that’s all you need! You quickly learn how to make perfect round cacti or longer ones. There are plenty of other tutorials online, so I wont burden you with my interpretation of them. You just have to play around, that’s all!


After playing with different colours and shapes, I had enough to work on an arrangement.


Oh, and then there are flowers. The instructions are on the same site as the pattern for cactus.


It just so happened that I had a lot of different green and pink yarn, so I could actually make a good colour variety for my succulents.


I had five different green colours, three pink and one white. I also needed some dark brown to make a long base for my succulent garden.


Saw it on and its ready!

I love it that it’s something my kiddos can play with and I don’t need to water it!


The end result:10922247_10152562271546120_1152704685_nMake it and love it!

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