DIY – Crochet Viking Hat

Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Viking Hat

I was so excited to come across this ridiculously cute Viking Hat! Just so happens that the pattern was crazy affordable and I had all the yarn and hooks that I needed! I made two (I am a serial crocheter now!) and I can’t get over how easy they are and how effective! Who comes up with these patterns? That’s talent!


The hat looks like a Viking Helmet, with some really cute detail and bobbles made using “popcorn” stitch.


On either side of the hat are adorable cow horns! Fierce! They are sewed on separately.


The hat starts at the top with a loop!

SAM_8099 SAM_8101

At the moment, the truth is painful – my son who normally loves hats, refuses to wear this hat. Seeing her mummy’s disappointment, my daughter has stepped in and was more than happy to model! Thank you, my viking princess!

Viking Hat

Make it and love it! And then make it again!

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